Conflict-of-Interest in Anesthesiology

Conflict-of-Interest in Anesthesiology: Conflict-of-Interest (COI) is omnipresent in medical science and the field of Anesthesiology is no exception. Though COI issues are known for a century and well entrenched in healthcare, its common understanding and awareness in Anesthesiology is severely limited. In order to avoid eventuality of misconduct and legal retribution arising out of ignorance, the authors Dr. Amitabh Dutta, Sr. Consultant and Dr. Prabhat Choudhary, Consultant Anesthesia, Sir Gangaram Hospital;  have comprehensively elaborated methods to address impact of COI in Anaesthesiology  in the Yearbook of Anesthesiology-7. SahaManthran appreciates the justice done by the authors on such a complicated topic, such as COI. Dr Dutta, is also the Current Overview and Outcome Oversight (CO3) of SahaManthran.