Director’s Corner – On “CAG to tap AIIMS, IITs for report card of govt schemes”

by, Dr. Amitabh Dutta

Fantastic work. Heartiest congratulations to the CAG of India to have brought out first-of-its-kind outcome audit of performance in the district hospitals of UP. I would like to specially congratulate and thank Dr. Shyama Nagarajan of SahaManthran Pvt. Ltd. (mentioned as ‘the lady doctor from the NIPFP’ in the news report) to have actualized her innovative audit system on-the-ground to respond to and work for the CAG initiative through NIPFP. Dr. Shyama’s ‘Grading of Healthcare Services System’ (conceptualized in 2002), which helps to demystify, qualify, and quantify hyper-variable and intangible outcomes of the ever-changing healthcare sectors, e.g. from IQA (Internal Quality Audit) to draw Clinical Governance at Fortis Healthcare to the current Framework for Hospital Performance Audit of UP hospitals for CAG; would bring clarity to the entire system. I sincerely hope she would continue to support and steer (if asked) the upcoming IIT and AIIMS audit mechanisms to wade them through initial rough waters of new challenges in assessing the performance of different sectors of healthcare.’
See the news report here: