Brand building by SahaManthran – Facilitating wellness initiative by WholeLeaves

SahaManthran facilitating the strategic expansion of “WholeLeaves Pvt Ltd”, a novel initiative in wellness segment– through our branding effort in one of the events organised at DAV public school, Pitampura

The event was aimed at spreading awareness among parents, teachers, and students about the significance of phytomedicine in wellness and how to use plants in and around us.

“WholeLeaves” is a wellness initiative by a group of doctors, botanists, and researchers; who, at some point in their careers felt the express need to get back in unison with nature to attain the full potential of body, mind, and soul. The initiative is spearheaded by Dr. Amitabh Dutta, Sr. Consultant Anaesthesia at Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi.

Their products are:

  • Free of any additive in the form of colour, preservative, or fragrance
  • Accompanied by extensive information around the leaves, their usages, benefits, and contraindications
  • Mix or individual “Leaves” in their dried and whole form to Authenticate Ethical supply (Look for Authics-a trademarked logo in all their pack)
  • Leaves are sourced from their natural habitat to ensure availability of full potency of the active ingredients in a leaf
  • Leaves are plucked and made available with their stipules that keep their active ingredients intact for a longer duration


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